• Эксклюзив от Clement Rouxel

    Я снова вернулась в игру! Мой блог не умер, просто по душевной ленности я на него немножко «подзабила». Это ничего, ведь специально для подписчиков сайта Funky Drummer я попробую организовать крутейшую вещь — интервью с моими зарубежными друзьями-барабанщиками, которые уже успели добиться определённых успехов на музыкальном поприще. Ну, как вам идея?

    Оригинал интервью на английском языке с моими небольшими комментариями будет появляться у меня в блоге, перевод на русском языке — на любимом  Funky Drummer’е.

    Сегодня начнём с безмерно мной уважаемого барабанщика — Клемана Руксэля (Clement Rouxel), которого мои односектанты по вот этой милой группе уже знают по вот этому посту. Собственно, ваша положительная реакция на моего французского друга и подтолкнула меня к реализации настоящей идеи.

    ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ! Уровень обаяния Клемана зашкаливает, слабонервным и особо влюбчивым натурам прочтение интервью и просмотр его YouTube-канала не рекомендуется! 🙂


    Собственно, пора начинать, товарищи!

    Ksenia Kasatkina (K.K.): Clement, thank you for taking the time to give FunkyDrummer.ru an exclusive interview! Let’s get started!

    Clement Rouxel (C.R.): Thanks for asking me, it’s always a pleasure to talk about drums especially with people from a country where I have never been!

    K.K.: According to your bio at your personal website (www.clement-rouxel.com) you have been playing drums for more than 15 years. Who has opened to you the door to music? And why have you chosen drums?

    C.R.: Well, to make a long story short, I have always been attracted by music.
    Since my youngest age, I had this passion for analyzing and especially reproducing what I’ve listened to.
    And at home I have always been surrounded by music. My mother with crappy French singers 😉 and my father with good old 70’s rock’n’roll bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream etc… So one thing led to another, I fell in love with AC/DC. But everybody around me tried to lead me to guitar, what I can say, and it’s not just because I’m talking for a drummer site, is that drums won as always in our hearts! 😉
    I think, the main problem was that playing guitar you only move your fingers, that wasn’t enough for me. I was a little hyperactive 😉 so I decided to smash some wood.

    20081011-IMG_7548K.K.: You are a multi-genre, or how you describe yourself, “versatile” drummer. Was it your own decision to go various genres or it has happened just occasionally?

    C.R.: I’m pretty sure that when you want to get better in music, you can’t see it from only one window. You will get trapped in a routine that will make you stagnated and it can be really bad. I almost lost my pleasure of being on my drums playing the same things and the same kind of metal.
    So I’ve met one great drum teacher. I was impressed by his play and he taught me that music was not only Sepultura, or Slayer, or just metal. He opened my mind to new dimensions like jazz or latin music.
    Now it seems logical, but it was crazy to me at that time! What a moron 😉
    I always explain that to my students, when you are young and crazy about something you live only for this unique thing. In a way it’s cool, but when you feel that it’s not enough, you have to change everything. Try stuff that you would not even think about before.
    The best way, I’m sure, is to ask professionals, teachers, any other persons you respect. It will change your mind and later your play, even your philosophy.

    K.K.: Clement, what are your personal current favorite bands/artists and what are your influences that got you where you are?

    C.R.: Right now I’m currently listening to a lot of different things, it can be the last Soilwork or the Snarky puppy, it depends of my mood. And now with Internet I try to discover new stuff in any kind of music every day.
    The main band I listen to when I have time is «Karnivool». This Australian band is amazing. It’s rock, complicated but at the same time smooth and easy for listening to.
    My influences are mainly metal, like «Meshuggah» that are the masters to me. They’ve created a new way of thinking music especially for drummers.
    «Tool» is a proof that everything in music is still possible.
    As for the particular drummers, I’m currently listening to this new wave of gospel guys coming from the church in the US. Guys like Aaron Spears, Eric Moore, Chris Coleman, Thomas Pridgen. They put some fresh air and they groove like hell!
    Of course, the good old guys like Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer, Thomas Lang. But those are different, they inspired me as a drummer, for the technique.
    I think music is like a language, you need vocabulary, so I copied them for a while.
    But when you speak, you don’t always have to use fancy complicated words.
    So those guys are somewhere in the back of my mind but I try not to remind it all the time.

    18042015-IMG_2556K.K.: Is there any song you never get sick of hearing?

    C.R.: Of course, some old AC/DC songs with Bon Scott. Mostly classic rock standards.

    K.K.: Any reasons why?

    C.R.: They are simple, timeless. The main goal of most of the musicians is to leave a trace, those guys made it for me. Maybe not for everybody because music is subjective.

    K.K.: Do their songs have a particular meaning for you?

    C.R.: Yes, they taught me to grow up, so now, they remind me my youth and especially my mother’s basement 😉
    Wherever I am, I listen to those and I feel like I am at home.

    promo brule__ 2010K.K.: You run your own YouTube Channel presenting your videos and drum covers on different songs. I have already seen them and I must say they’ve been made on a high professional level and filmed perfect. When you decide to make a drum cover do you try to follow the original version or leave an area for your creativity? 

    C.R.: Well by now I’ve only made two covers, the «Game of Thrones Theme» and «Bang Bang». All the other videos are entirely composed, performed by me.
    But in the two cases I run the following outline:
    Firstly, I compose or choose a music, then I try to get inspired with it.
    After this I play literally with it, try different approaches, improvisations. I follow a little path in my head but that’s mostly improvisation.
    I have always been amazed by this, for me you can’t be a good musician if you can’t improvise.

    K.K.: I see, so your drum covers is more of your own approach than just simple copying. Impressing!
    Clement, you are a full-time musician; YouTube Channel; Think of A New Kind (T.A.N.K.), One-Way Mirror, LYZANXIA… How do you keep pace with all of that? Is there any secret?

    C.R.: Ahah, the only secret I have is so simple, keep doing what I like and feel good. Work is important but it’s not enough, organization and the feel of being happy come to the pack as well.
    You can’t do anything serious in life when you’re not doing it with your heart, especially music. I worked a lot and I made pauses with the instrument, try new stuff, digest what I learnt by just taking the time of living a happy life. Drinking beer with friends, doing some sport, which is a good way of maintaining the shape, being with my family, traveling and meeting people with other mentality all that is important.

    K.K.: Oh, that’s true, kind of my philosophy too! Seems like we can discuss that point for hours, however, we have to move on.
    Now you are preparing for the European tour with T.A.N.K., Soilwork and HateSphere, what is after that? Do you have any projects in mind?

    C.R.: Of course, I always have too many projects and pretty less time…
    I’m preparing funny educational videos, because most of them are always boring 😉 But it will be in French… sorry.

    K.K.: Hey, that’s a good reason for me to start learning French! Our subscribers will be happy to share your experience as they’ve already been imbued with ease and grace you play drums. Sorry for interruption, go on.

    C.R.: It’s OK. I am going to edit a lot of new videos of T.A.N.K and me. There will be gospel, latin, funk, groove.
    With T.A.N.K we will have as far as I know a busy schedule, because we already have gigs engaged in 2016, but our new album “SYMBIOSIS” will be released in a few days and after the upcoming European tour we expect a lot of great surprises.

    grosse caisse dans ta gueuleK.K.: I’ll keep in touch with you as we at FunkyDrummer.ru want to know of those surprises too! You must be tired already but hold on we are almost done. Classical question, on your opinion, what are the features of a real skilled drummer? Have you already caught the formula of success?

    C.R.: There is not one absolute formula, I guess. The answer is a recipe of different various qualities.
    First of all you have to be good, have solid rudiments and have something that will distinguish you from the others.
    Then there is your chance, your connections, your good will. I’m sure, the best drummer in the world is playing alone somewhere in his basement and it’s sad. If you don’t try to make your work available to everyone, how can you find a good project?
    This job is about meeting the people that will make the best out of you. Now it’s easy, there is Internet and someone maybe far from you, like me, is expecting something from you.
    Take care because it’s also dangerous, if you post bad videos of your work on the web it will follow you for the rest of your life and people will be hard on you.
    Just try to do your best and that what seems better, ask for advice when you need, if you are nice, people will help you. It sounds easy but it’s not 😉

    K.K.: The complete list to follow! You share with us the best of your knowledge and experience in drumming, that is inspiring at least for me. Anything else you want to add?

    C.R.: Thanks for the interest, don’t hesitate to talk to me (in English or French…) on Facebook or Youtube. Everything is on my website.
    Do what is good in this crazy world and don’t get influenced by the bullshit that can disturb you from your path.

    K.K.: We at FunkyDrummer.ru wish you the best of success with T.A.N.K. or any other band you are going to play with, and will be following your progress to the finish line. Our drum community and all the participants fell in love with your graceful, accurate, tasty, emotional play. I can’t wait to hear T.A.N.K.’s new album SYMBIOSIS and see you on tour as well. Thank you, Clement!

    Ну, вот такое интервью получилось! Клеман даже был так любезен, что сделал для нас маленький подарок — фото специально для Funky Drummer:


    Сайт Клемана: www.clement-rouxel.com
    YouTube-канал: www.youtube.com/channel/UCb8-27rQHFB0a7zC8C5l0BA
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/clemrouxel

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    Перевод интервью с Клеманом можно посмотреть вот тут.

    Спасибо, что заглянули!

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